SlotsCrown IoS AppProject
SlotsCrown iOS App

Wade Made
Vector Illustration and animations including sprite sheets and wireframing

Design a fun and successful slot machine app featuring social integration. Casino gaming markets, and specifically slot apps, are popular and easily adoptable by new players because of limited learnig curve for gameplay.

Ranked in the top 10 free apps in the Apple iTunes Store within the Casino Games category.

I designed an integrated Facebook sharing as a reward system. Using Facebook API’s players could invite friends and would receive game rewards for connection. My method was referenced in a Social casino apps publication below:

“The structural affordances of ‘networked publics’ allow social casino companies to encourage communication among gamblers. By doing this, they enhance the inherent social aspects of some gambling practices such as poker and add socializing elements to activities that are relatively individual, such as slot machine playing (see Livingstone 2005). For example, the app SlotsCrown, developed by Pixalim Studios and launched in 2013 for Apple’s iOS7, ‘features Facebook login to connect and play slots with friends via a fun leaderboard that shows your top friends and the current King of SlotsCrown in the throne. The Leaderboard uses player’s Facebook profile photos to truly personalize the slots gameplay experience’ (Pixalim Studios 2013). The Leaderboard, which reminds us of other mobile gaming platforms that incite competition among friends, such as Apple’s Game Center, adds an element of competitiveness to an activity that is otherwise a somewhat isolating affair (playing slot machines).”

Albarrán-Torres, C. (2015). Social casino apps and digital media practices: New paradigms of consumption. In T. Leaver & M. Willson (Eds.). Social, Casual and Mobile Games: The changing gaming landscape (pp. 243–260). New York: Bloomsbury Academic