SlotsCrown was my second app design. I designed all assets including illustration, audio, promotional website, videos, wireframes and animations.

App Wireframing


SlotsCrown emulates multi-level slot gameplay found in most popular slots apps.
Facebook integration personalized the app and promoted competition between players and their friends via social media. Players could also earn additional rewards by encouraging friends to download the app.

Social Media Integration


SlotsCrown personalizes player experience by linking with friends via Facebook integration. Facebook profile photos are accessed and integrated into the game UI. SlotsCrown was actually referenced in the book “Social, Casual and Mobile Games: The Changing Gaming Landscape”, were the author referenced my design and intent for the social integration.

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Gaming Logic


Extensive research of slot machine gaming logic and UI were required to produce SlotsCrown. Payline structures were arranged to create a clean and organized UI that is visually appealing to players.

Mini Games

Research showed that integration of mini games was extremely popular in high ranking slots games. Below are examples of mini games created with Adobe After Effects and Premiere to visualize gameplay before implementing development.

App Ranking Performance

SlotsCrown has ranked in the top 100 of iTunes entertainment and casino game categories in multiple countries since it’s release.

slotscrown app rankings




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