MemeWhip was designed because of the rising trend in popularity of animated GIF memes shared via social media. During my initial research I had also noticed an increasing trend in video based memes. Memes became increasingly viral among major social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and were a quick, easy and fun way to instantly convey comedic trends or popular ideas. They are fairly easy to generate and could be quickly created and shared with ease to convey a simple visual and textual idea.

Branding a Generalized Concept

The first hurdle to overcome was branding a very generalized concept like a meme. Memes convey many different kinds of ideas and subject matter. The challenge was how to make the brand memorable and create an idea that consumers could associate with and cognitively associate to when wanting to create a meme.

During initial domain name research I stumbled upon the available domain I believed this name could easily convey the concept of a meme by associating meme components like photos, text, and videos to ingredients of a pastry or cake recipe that are mixed together to create a final whole (the meme). Food items are also an easily relatable concept to multitudes of user types (think of Android release names like Gingerbread, Jellybean, Gingerbread, and Ice Cream Sandwich). There was also an existing cognitive foundation of popular brand names like Cool Whip and Dream Whip that would help the brand name retention by association.


App Wireframing


Users would need the ability to add photos and video; as well as customizable text to their images. Wireframing for MemeWhip allowed me to work through variations of tools used for meme creation and how users could intuitively add text and select font faces; as well as manipulation of text with a single and simplistic selection tool. The text editing tool design allows users to move, resize and delete text without have to select between different buttons for each function, making editing more “on the fly”.



To increase monetization I also designed and implemented meme packs, available via in app purchase, that provided users with design themes to spark meme creation ideas.

Concept Mockups



Initial UI designs


Final UI Interface Designs


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