One of the best ways to generate app ideas is to observe something used in everyday life, focus on it, and make it better. After attending several EDM events in the Los Angeles, I spotted a great opportunity- glow sticks! Glowsticks are used by everyone worldwide, have a very short use span, and contribute to thousands of tons of plastic waste annually. It was an easy market to approach as it not only provided a fun and useful product; but was also extremely green and eco-friendly.

A Rise in EDM Culture

Electronic Digital Music (EDM) culture was experiencing increasing popularity among millennials and was not only a great market to distribute the app to; but a personal interest that I would enjoy engaging and marketing within. I utilized GlowStickGo social media channels to share EDM concert venue information, new music releases, and general EDM and rave culture information to assist in social distribution of the app.


App Wireframing

glowstickgo app wireframe 2GlowStickGo’s app wireframe was extremely simplistic, as I wanted users to have the ability to activate and utilize it quickly during parties, concerts and other events that may have dim lighting conditions.

crack and activate glow stick simulation

As with any UI design, the devil is in the details. To emulate the reel glow stick feel I designed the glow stick to be activated by pushing on the middle of the stick to crack/ activate; the user then shakes their device to brighten the lighting intensity. The stick cracking functionality mimics real world glow sticks and mimics the fun and tactile feeling of activating a real stick.


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