FlappYou was my third app design. I created all assets including illustration, sprite sheets, audio, promotional website, videos, wireframes and animations.

Game Concept

FlappYou was a clone concept of the viral game FlappyBird. FlappyBird was a game designed by an independent Vietnamese developer that gained viral popularity worldwide. When researching successful app models a popular mentality was to observe successful and high ranking apps, model their logic, and then improve upon their initial design. With over a billion apps available on the market, this was a successful methodology for weeding out a successful app architecture within a highly saturated market.

A successful approach in creating appealing interaction is personalization. I implemented this in FlappYou by adding the ability for players to take their own face photo, converting it into and mimicked 8-bit image, and then using it for the game character face. Additional in-app upgrades included fun face overlays including sunglasses, astronaut helmets, and beards.

App Wireframe



The FlappYou app wireframe was fairly straightforward. Key interactivity revolved around the face capture view allowing users to take their face photo. Two image states were used to provide a standard face state face and a collision face state that was activated when users crashed into a game object, adding a secondary level of interactivity and personalization. Once the user had captured their face image, an additional view was used to allow filter adjustments to the face photo; allowing users to further refine the 8-bit pixel look.




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